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Baby & Toddler Reflex

What is baby reflex/baby reflex 4 toddlers?

Baby reflex and baby reflex 4 toddlers is a gentle form of reflexology which has been especially created for young children aged between one month and 3 years of age. This soothing technique has been designed for parents to give to baby on their feet and toddlers on their hands and can be adjusted to meet the child’s needs.

What are the aims of baby reflex/baby reflex 4 toddlers?

The aims and possible benefits of baby reflex/baby reflex 4 toddlers include;

·        Calming baby/toddler and may help to improve sleep patterns

·        Encourage and develop bonding between parent and child

·        Support and encourage digestion and may help with reflux

·        Help relieve pain for example when teething

·        Support the developing body

·        To be fun!

What is involved in learning baby reflex/baby reflex 4 toddlers’ techniques?

Baby reflex is taught by a qualified reflexologist specially trained in baby reflex over 3 weeks in one hourly sessions with baby present. The one hourly toddler classes are over 2 weeks with your toddler being present for the second week. Class sizes are small with 3-6 adults with mums, dads and grandparents being welcome.  Discounts are available for group bookings of 5-6 adults. One to one sessions are also available if more convenient. For more information please phone 07754801428 or e-mail your details to janey@dragonflytherapies.co.uk.

How was baby reflex/baby reflex 4 toddlers developed?

Jenny Lee, a chartered physiotherapist and qualified reflexologist carried out extensive research in the effects of reflexology on childhood asthma. The main effects found were of relaxation, improved sleep and parent bonding and this encouraged Jenny to create baby reflex in 2005. 

There are now mums and dads around the world giving this fuss free 3-5 min treatment which may ease baby colic, baby reflux and teething, and may relieve toddler’s constipation, as well as coughs and colds.

Following requests from some of these parents toddler reflex was developed by Penny Odhams in 2010. This has been designed to be given on the hands of the more active toddler and is done to nursery rhymes making it a fun activity your toddler can enjoy.
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