Reflexology Treatments

Adult Reflexology

A non-intrusive way to treat pains and improve wellbeing

Reflexology allows the whole body to be treated in a non-intrusive way. The feet and hands can be seen as a map of the body and by working over the reflex points found here many conditions may be helped.  Deeply relaxing this is an excellent way to improve your general well-being.


1 Hour

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Toddler Reflex

Toddler Reflexology

Two one hour sessions to learn how to administer hand reflexology to you toddler.  These fun and easy to learn routines are given whilst singing nursery rhymes making it a fun game as well as improving your child’s well-being and desgined to help with conditions often associated with older infants such as teething, snuffles, earache and fraciousness.

30 Minutes

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Baby Reflex

Baby Reflexology

Taught over three x one hour sessions this fun and easy to learn method is a great way to improve your baby’s general well-being and is designed to help with a range of conditions including reflux, colic, constipation and sleeplessness.

30 Minutes

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